We are chartered accountants.
We understand the reference context and we always try to anticipate the future in order to offer our customers the most appropriate solutions.

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    Dario Mellone, Citta del futuro n. 6, 1973 - olio su tela 120 x 150

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    Dario Mellone, Citta del futuro n. 5, 1973 - olio su tela 120 x 150

Studio PVC was founded in 2006 by a group of professionals, all chartered accountants, who passionately and enthusiastically carry on the important professional legacy of Giancarlo Lombardi and Professor Valerio Moretti Cane, founders of the studio of the same name in the 1970s.

We provide professional services characterized by a high-quality standard and tailor-made solutions. We are an independent, medium-sized firm, and this allows us to always focus directly on the customer, favouring the personal and human aspect of our professional services.

Our Values

Passion, quality of the work carried out, and reliability are the founding values of our Firm.

We believe in human relationships and in the correctness of interpersonal relationships; this has allowed us to maintain lasting relationships not only with our customers but also and above all with our collaborators.

We believe in the exclusivity and uniqueness of our relationships with our customers.

We believe that every economic relationship must be part of a broader logic of human relationships where the interest of each individual must always reconcile the needs of all the parties involved, according to a win-win logic.

Practice Area




The modern world is facing global and complex challenges that necessarily intersect and also influence the business community and the territory in which it operates.

The identity of Studio PVC, an independent advisory firm deeply rooted in the local area, places us in a privileged position to assist clients and institutions in non-profit projects.

Our focus team in the non-profit sector provides support in all the tax matters necessary for the success of projects in this field. In particular, we offer consulting in the following areas: corporate law and corporate governance, contracts, litigation, issues related to private clients (including estate planning and generational wealth transfer), the establishment of foundations, trusts, and social promotion associations.

Work with us

We are always looking for professionals who want to take on new challenges and carry out their profession. We are looking for people who are not only technically prepared but above all curious, humble, open to change and creative, capable of thinking "outside the box". We seek those who are at the forefront to help us offer our customers adequate, innovative solutions that best interpret their needs.



Viale Bianca Maria, 25
20122 Milan (MI)

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